Who’s going to acquire Yahoo: Google or Facebook? #YahooforSale

Originally published on LinkedIn pulse: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/whos-going-acquire-yahoo-google-facebook-yahooforsale-ahmad-a-rajput/

With the struggling future ahead and weaker innovative strategy in upcoming projects, Yahoo seems to be heading towards the greater financial downfall. Yahoo had failed many times and lost its grip on its popular services. In past, company was never able to play the role of monopolist on its services. For instance, if we take a look at company’s star services Yahoo Directory to Yahoo Mail,  in all cases, they have allowed their competitors to grasp the market and outsmart them. The case study below shows how rapidly Gmail overtook Yahoo Mail:

Google’s Gmail surpassed Yahoo! Mail in email shares way back in 2010 as per AddThis reports. The company also lost its valuable market share of messenger to Skype and Yahoo Answers to services Quora etc.

Few days ago, Yahoo shuts down its 7 Digital Magazines which was a Costly Experiment by CEO Marissa Mayer. #YahooforSale If Yahoo calls it a day and go for complete sale. The question is who should buy Yahoo? In its current state of decline; no one should. But Google and Facebook both can increase their market share with several advantages by acquiring it. Keeping in mind, Yahoo declined 34 percent in last year, and down 12 percent in the year 2016. How Yahoo is valued can be analyzed by charts below. Other potential buyers might include AOL (Verizon) and Microsoft to improve their strategic position on the web.

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